Cosmetic Dentistry in Haddonfield, NJ

Cosmetic dentistry has evolved over the years. It’s no longer something only for Hollywood actors. Every day people are having cosmetic dentistry procedures done. We, at Dental Arts of Haddonfield are your cosmetic dental center. Cosmetic dentistry can help repair a chipped, cracked or split tooth that can occur from playing sports or experiencing a fall. If you’re seeking orthodontic treatment for protruding teeth or have a problem chewing food, smiling or are experiencing jaw pain, we are here to help.

Dental fillings where you cannot tell they were filled are part of cosmetic dentistry. Dental bonding, dental veneers, and tooth contouring are also often used in cosmetic dentistry. Most cosmetic dentistry procedures are pain-free or have a minimal amount of discomfort.

Teeth Whitening

What do you see when you smile? Do you see discolored yellow, beige or darkened teeth? Many everyday activities can cause our teeth to lose their pearly white appearance. Drinking coffee, tea and sodas and smoking are the main culprits when it comes to discolored teeth, but some foods can cause teeth to discolor. Darkened teeth can make a person appear older than they are. Teeth whitening is a painless procedure, and you can go back to work immediately afterward. Take years off your smile by considering expert teeth whitening. Call us today to make an appointment to bring back your sparkling smile!

Whether you need cosmetic and family dentistry or a simple check-up and routine cleaning, Dental Arts of Haddonfield is here to serve you. Call us today for an appointment.